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Moon Lamp LED Light Projector

Moon Lamp LED Light Projector

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Discover the magical beauty of the Moon Lamp LED Light Projector!

Create a peaceful and calming ambiance in your home with this unique lamp that projects a mesmerizing rainbow of colors and a beautiful moonlit glow. Put yourself in a serene, luminous atmosphere and bask in heavenly light. The projector can rotate 360° and is adjustable to any angle for the best experience possible.

It's perfect for keeping your home relaxed and meditative, no matter where you are. With its stylish design, this lamp would make a great addition to any room or living space. Don't hesitate to bring the tranquil beauty of the moon into your world - get the Moon Lamp LED Light Projector today!

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 24.5*7cm
  • Style: Scandinavian
  • Certification: EU ce certification
  • Certificate number: KTi210906e011c
  • INS Moon Projector Lamp: Bedroom Ambient Light

Packing List:

  • Night light * 1
  • USB * 1

Electrical outlet
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